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Sojourn Property Management offers tech-driven, guest-oriented property management services to short-term vacation rental owners throughout the Asheville area. 

Through our thoughtful implementation of a strategic suite of technologies, we ensure that our owner clients get the highest return on their vacation rental investments. And since we make the process as automated and seamless as possible, we can devote more energy to delivering a top-notch experience for property guests. 

Are you an owner looking for a heightened property management experience? We are growing organically and currently accepting new clients for 2022. Please get in touch to learn more.

Our Services

Direct Booking

Guests can book on any of the larger booking sites, or you can send them directly to our site to book and save those additional fees.

Calendar Sync

No more blocking out time on separate sites and worrying about double bookings. Our system integrates with all the major booking sites so you can see all your bookings in one place.

Listing Copywriting

We use a professional copywriter to create a marketing-savvy, informative, grammatically correct and inviting description of your rental.

Automated Access

Guests will automatically receive a code to your property before their check-in time. We'll also send out any necessary gate and parking codes.

Professional Photos

We work with a professional real estate photographer to showcase your rental in the best light with visually consistent, stunning, high-definition images.

Owner Portal & Reporting

You'll never have to wonder how things are going with your rental. You can easily log in to your owner portal to see performance metrics, upcoming bookings and more.

Guest Communication

Never worry about answering a guest question or dealing with a situation at an inopportune time again. We receive all communication in one place, so it's easy for us to respond quickly and keep guests happy.

Housekeeping Scheduling

Our housekeepers get a text message when a unit is ready to be cleaned and prepped for the next guest. You don't have to worry about anything (except where to get your check each month!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We simply require 30 days notice should you decide to cancel your property management contract with Sojourn.

Nope! We take care of professional photos, copywriting, and setting everything up in our system.

We pay our our owners once per month via direct bank transfer.

Nope – you don’t need to worry about it. We keep everything stocked and ready-to-go for your guests.

Your guest will receive an automatically generated code to get into your unit before their check-in time. If you don’t already have a lock installed that works with our system, we’ll take care of that for you. 

Sojourn collects all applicable sales taxes and remits them on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about it!

We don’t have a hard-and-fast number here, but we like your unit to be available year-round. If you need to book the unit for your own personal use (or for use by friends/family), that’s no problem.

We require that all units have wifi both for safety and convenience. Because our entire rental platform runs in the cloud, it’s important that guests have access to internet during their stay. While we don’t require streaming TV, we highly recommend it. Most guests like to enjoy a little Netflix and chill even if they are getting some rest and relaxation.

In order to streamline guest communication and keep things easy for you, we host all our listings on our own accounts. But don’t worry – if you already have listings, we will take care of creating new ones.

We use a dynamic pricing tool that automatically adjusts your pricing in real-time. While we set basic pricing guidelines, the tool reacts to daily changes in supply and demand. This ensures that your rental is always performing at peak efficiency—charging more when there is greater demand and less when there’s not so much.

We have a team of housekeeping professionals who get an alert as soon as your unit is vacant and ready to be cleaned. Once the rental is clean (and laundry done), our in-house team gets an alert letting us know the unit is ready for the next guest.

We expect that all rentals will be in guest-ready condition when we begin a new property management contract. That means you will have furnished and decorated your own rental. However! We’re happy to help and suggest professionals to get the job done if you need it. 

We recommend that our owners have HVAC service contracts in place so that air filters are changed and routine maintenance is always up-to-date. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, however, we handle getting a professional on the job and pass the cost along to you at no markup.

No, we don’t require that you allow pets. We handle this on a case-by-case basis depending on the property.

You will have access to an owner portal in which you can block out time for yourself, friends and family at your convenience. You will only be charged a cleaning fee upon checkout so we can get the rental ready for the next guest.

Yes, we require that owners and their personal guests pay the standard cleaning fee upon checkout so we can ensure the unit is ready for your next guest.

You will have a master code specific to your unit should you need to get in for an emergency. However, we do recommend keeping this to an absolute minimum so as to not disturb guests!

No, the owner of the unit is expected to keep all utilities turned on and paid. This includes electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet, and any streaming services you provide.

Yes, and we can recommend a great local company who can provide you with an affordable policy.

Nope! We have a team of professionally trained housekeepers who take care of that for you. Of course, if you have someone who’s been doing a great job for you, we’d be happy to consider bringing them on-board.

We provide all owners with a detailed monthly report, and you can log in to your owner portal at any time to see how your rental is performing. We collect W-9s at the onset of your property management contract, and we will provide you with a 1099-MISC each year before January 31 for the prior year’s earnings. All you have to do is forward it to your tax professional!

Nope! We’ll take care of everything for you!